Project Description

Senior Workshop

This is a 5-day workshop in Computer and Robot Programming for students from Std.6 onwards
5 day duration, 3.5 hours per day
For senior workshops, the main programming technology taught is – MIT App Inventor for Android App development. It is a visual programming tool, based on Google’s Blockly interface. Students develop Android Apps by designing the look and feel of the App (Designer Mode) and then programming the various buttons, sliders, etc. and their actions.

The visual programming basics stay common for the robot programming technologies too, helping students switch easily between them.

Robot programming technologies introduced –

  • Lego Mindstorms EV3- These immensely popular Lego sets are fully equipped with motors, gears and a variety of sensors. The activities that can be built range from robotic arms to complex models like self-balancing robots and colour sorters. The programming interface is based on LabView (a drag-and-drop programming interface).
  • Compushak – To ensure that affordability does not become a factor in imparting quality education, we at PrograMitra did a lot of research to build Compushak- our very own programmable robot.  Compushak has a wide variety of sensors such as sound, obstacle, Infrared, distance (ultrasonic), etc.  It can be programmed for various activities using the Compushak Programming App (based on Google Blockly)
The workshop begins with introduction to computer programming, basics of logic, importance of sequence and accuracy of instructions through group activities. Then the MIT App Inventor tool is introduced, and children are guided to build an Android App. In the second half of the workshop, students build and program Lego Mindstorms EV3 activities, and build and program Compushak to make their programs interesting and sensor driven.
We provide all the material necessary — laptops, tablets, robots and sensor boards.

Only bring along your creativity and curiosity!

Take away a fun-filled experience and a gift!