Project Description

Junior Workshop

This is a 5-day workshop in Computer and Robot Programming for students from Std. 3 - Std. 5
5 day duration, 2 hours per day
For junior workshops, the main programming technology taught is Scratch Programming. It is the most popular programming tool for children, and provides a great start to their education. Both the robot technologies in the workshop – Legu WeDo and PrograMitra’s CodePad – are also programmed using Scratch, making the transition very smooth for students.
Robot programming technologies introduced –

  • Lego WeDo (traditional Lego with sensors and motors) that are programmable through Scratch
  • PrograMitra’s own sensorboard CodePad which is programmable through Scratch
The workshop begins with introduction to computer programming, basics of logic, importance of sequence and accuracy of instructions through group activities. Then the Scratch programming language is introduced, and children begin with the basics and proceed to create an animation/game. In the second half of the workshops, students build and program Lego WeDo activities, and experiment with CodePad to make their programs interesting and sensor driven.
We provide all the material necessary — laptops, tablets, robots and sensor boards.

Only bring along your creativity and curiosity!

Take away a fun-filled experience and a gift!